You are an obsession, you’re my obsession 

A few weeks ago I decided it was time for me to brush up on my crochet skills. Or should I say my lack of crochet skills. My mom taught me once upon a moon but, like with a lot of things I learned as a pre-teen, I didn’t keep up with it.

After unsuccessfully inquiring at a local artsy-fartsy store, a friend of mine volunteered to teach me. And teach me she did. Between her instruction and some YouTube videos, I have rocked out several fun projects and I am now officially obsessed.

Nevermind afgahns, traditional booties and boring hats, I  want to make the cute, quirky and trendy items. 

And in the past four weeks I have turned out these…

A cute, floppy toddler sun hat.

A fairly typical pompom-topped newborn beanie.

An absolutely adorable pair of Ugg knockoffs. These turned out so well that I have an order to make another pair for a co-worker.

A newsboy beanie with matching fur-lined booties.

The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. This is for our oldest daughter when she finally has kids. She is a huge Harry Potter fan.

And now I’m on to a Spock beanie (with pointy ears) and blue Star Trek baby cocoon. I plan to send that one off to a classmate of mine who just found out her first grandbaby will be making his appearance in August. She loves Star Trek and although she crochet, she sticks to blankets.

And I’m already surfing for the next project after that. Yes, I am completely obsessed.


2 thoughts on “You are an obsession, you’re my obsession 

  1. Wow that’s pretty amazing for a new hooker 😀 . I love YouTube videos for new patterns and stitches. I have been crocheting for a long long time and I still learn new crochet tricks just about every day! You seem like you’re a natural – can’t wait to see what else comes off of your hook!! 🙂

    • Thank you! I find it incredibly relaxing. It’s a cheap and easy creative outlet for me. Plus, I figure having some experience, even as old as it was, probably helps. There are so many cute patterns out there and Pinterest is my friend. I have quite the collection of ideas.

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